The Otaki Community Club and RSA

Our club is the centre of hospitality, indoors sports and events in the Otaki area.  

We have been a part of our community for over 100 years, and our membership is a great blend of veterans and the overall community.

We have a great bar, free music twice a month, and the best restaurant in the town!


Come and join us!  Membership is simple and anyone over 18 can join.

Have a look at our Membership Page

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What happens at our club?

We are proud to be an RSA, we honour our veterans and our past and present members who have sacrificed so much for our country.

But, we are so much more!   We are the largest community club in the Otaki area with over 600 members, and our membership is growing. 

We have a great bar and a garden bar, a fantastic restaurant with a French chef, and our facilities include snooker and pool tables, darts, indoor bowls, and two lounge areas.  


A description of our activities  and a welcome note to new members is at this link 



The twice-weekly membership draw, the meat raffles, and the lucky card "Joker" draw are great fun, with a very good chance to win some excellent prizes.

Profits from the raffles add to the welfare support and to other club activities. 


Every Tuesday & Friday 5.30pm -7.30pm
Starts at $100
If you are present when your name is drawn out and have your current membership card with you – you’re a winner! If the draw is not struck it jackpots to the next draw night and an extra $100 is added.

* Up to half (maximum $250) of the jackpot prize will be credited to your current membership card for you to spend at the Bar or Restaurant or perhaps pay your subscription.


Raffles are held every Tuesday and Friday evening. 

Prizes are high quality and often are a variety of meat packs from our local butchery, "Saville on Main Street." 

Tickets are $2, and the raffle is drawn when the 50 tickets are sold. 

Each raffle has two prizes. 


Every Tuesday & Friday evening

Find the Joker win $600! Or find an Ace win $400 or a King is worth $200! Only $1 to enter!